This Aluminum Pizza Peel from Chef Pomodoro comes with a Foldable Wooden Handle. It is designed for the home chef, the pizza maker, and the artisan baker. The commercial grade aluminum is durable and able to handle high temperatures. This pizza peel is made to be functional and practical. It comes with a folding wooden handle that is 11” long. And you can simply fold it inward to conserve space. Making it simple to store almost anywhere. The pizza paddle is an excellent choice for any kind of kitchen. Possibly even a gourmet pizza shop or bakery.

Because of its incredible strength, it is resistant to warping. Plus it reduces the amount of heat you feel when you retrieve pizza from the oven. Not to mention cupcake trays and baked goods.

Following is the detailed evaluation of the Chef Pomodoro pizza peel with foldable handle. Before buying this pizza peel, we have provided you with all the relevant information you must know.

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What we like

  • Equipped with a safety rear step to prevent the pizza from sliding backward.
  • It includes a handle that you can fold up for convenient storage.
  • Boasts a huge, flat surface perfect for transporting small and large pizzas.
  • The peel has a sturdy aluminum blade.

And dont like

  • Needs a longer handle


  • Brand: Chef Pomodoro
  • Size: 24” L x 14” W x 2” H
  • Weight: 1.76 lbs
  • Peel Material: Aluminum
  • Handle material: All-natural pine wood

First Impression 

The Chef Pomodoro Aluminum Pizza Peel is of extremely high quality. There’s a safety back step that stops the pizza from slipping backward. This helps when launching and retrieving. It is one of the most noticeable characteristics of the peel’s elegant design.

It features a very slick metal plate. This enables the sliding of pizzas onto a stone to be effortless and smooth. The folding hardwood handle is an additional inventive. This pizza peel is a wonderful product and works perfect for oven baked pies.

Chef Pomodoro pizza peel Design

The Chef Pomodoro pizza peel with foldable handle is compact. The dimensions are 12” wide by 14” long. And the foldable handle is 11” in length. The entire length of the peel is 24 inches. This is when you unfold and extend the handle. They are designed to fold up for exceptionally simple storage. And to fit in any kitchen, regardless of size. Whether it be a kitchenette or a large bakery.

The safety backstep on this pizza peel makes it ideal for pulling pizzas out of the oven. The Pizza Peel is an essential tool for pizza masters and comes equipped with a safety feature. 

The Aluminum Pizza Peel is the ideal instrument and partner for baking and preparing a wide variety of foods. This including pizzas, bread, and more! It is made of extremely high-quality aluminum and all-natural pine wood.

Chef Pomodoro pizza peel Durability

It is highly durable and withstands high temperatures due to the aluminum paddle. Having a wooden habndle is an big advantage. This allows you to use the tool without the worry of burning your hands.

Carefully transfer items such as pizzas, soft bread, and pies into an oven, grill or wood-fired oven. Using a pizza peel avoids burning yourself. Either from the hot products or the oven. Excellent for use as a lifter for cake as well.

Chef Pomodoro pizza peel Storage

Twist the wooden handle at an angle of 180 degrees to enable storage. Moreover, the wooden substance acts as an insulator against excessive heat. With a width of 12” and a lenfth of 14 inches, the peel’s dimensions are excellent for accommodating both personal and small pizzas. 

How to use the Chef Pomodoro pizza peel

Pizzas, and other baked, items are easy to move to and from of the oven or grill. Just follow the instructions below for some tips.

Turn the wooden knob counterclockwise to release the screw, then turn the handle 180 degrees. Before using the handle, make sure that it is adequately tight.

Sprinkle the pizza peel with cornmeal, flour or milled wheat bran to make it easier to slip bread, pizza, and other baked items onto the pizza peel.

Using the peel, lay the pizza in a careful manner onto a baking sheet, pizza stone, or tray.

When the bread, pizza, or baked items have reached the desired level of doneness, remove them from the oven by using your peel. Serve and enjoy!

Pizza peel Care

Hand-wash the peel in warm water with a gentle soap. Using a soft sponge, remove any leftover food that may have stuck to the peel. Start drying right away.

Don’t soak or utilize any scrubbers with abrasive materials. Not safe for use in dishwashers

When you are through cleaning, flip the handle inward and release the wooden knob. This will prepare it for storage.

The Chef’s Pomodoro Metal Peel is the ideal pizza peel for any use, despite its compact size.

Chef Pomodoro pizza peel FAQ

Does the handle lock firmly while in use?

The handle works flawlessly. It stays in only 2 ways. The knob at the top has a stout bolt that screws into the bottom. This can be easily tightened or loosened. It is also detachable by the way. Plus the handle has a lip that precisely fits the peels edge. It helps prevent rotation or turning of the handle.

Can i use an aluminum pizza peel to transfer cakes?

Yes, it’s thin enough to fit beneath a cake. However when used to make pizza, some cornmeal is sprinkled so the unbaked crust can be easily removed. So, be very careful when you use it for cakes. If possible, use parchment paper.


Homemade pizzas are far superior to delivery or take out pizza! Mostly because you can tailor them to the individual diner’s preferences. And if you’re looking for a pizza peel on this quest, the Chef Pomodoro Pizza Peel with Foldable Handle is an excellent option. One that you shouldn’t hesitate to go with.

When placed on a grill or in an oven, this pizza peel is ideal. It assists in keeping the form of the pizza intact. It allows for easy sliding of the pizza onto a surface, in the oven or out. Plus it helps maintain the pizza’s structure. Doing this task with our hands would create an irregular crust. Not to mention losing tons of toppings on the way.

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