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Ooni 12” perforated pizza peel review

ooni pizza peel with matching pizza oven

The Ooni perforated pizza peel measures 12 inches and is an excellent choice for preparing pizzas at home. It has a perforated surface that makes it easy to slide your pizza in or out of the oven. Made out of anodized aluminum, this pizza peel weighs just over 1 pound. The Ooni 12″ perforated pizza peel is also safe to use in the dishwasher, making cleanup a breeze and saving you time.

This portable pizza peel is built from high-quality anodized aluminum. This will ensure the paddle can withstand the high heats of a pizza oven. Built to last, this product will give you years of enjoyment. The Ooni 12″ perforated pizza peel is designed to allow you to create pizza at home in less time than it takes to get pizza takeout from a restaurant.

Pizza peel features:

  • The pizza peel is constructed from high-quality anodized aluminum that is food grade. It includes a perforated pattern that makes it easy to slip under your pizza.
  • This portable pizza peel can be used on any kind of gas or electric stovetop, as well as any kind of oven.
  • It also works very well for the preparation of various foods, such as breads, cakes, and cookies.
  • The shape of the perforations in the peel allows air to flow underneath your pizza. This prevents it from sticking to the peel. Also ensuring that it can be easily peeled off after it is cooked.
  • The grip is crafted from glass reinforced nylon and feature an ergonomic shape that makes it easy and pleasant to use.
  • The Ooni 12-inch perforated pizza peel is an excellent choice for use with a 12-16” outdoor pizza oven.

What we like

The Ooni 12″ perforated is the most convenient and effective pizza peel for your high heat oven. It is constructed out of anodized aluminum and features a perforated surface. Which makes it simple to slide your pizza into the oven. Additionally, it can withstand the high heat of a professional pizza oven and is extremely long-lasting. And its dishwasher safe, so we highly recommend this pizza peel.

What we don’t like

While the Ooni 12” pizza peel carries all the benefits we listed, there are a few drawbacks. Unless using this in a larger size pizza oven, its a little tough to rotate the pie. Also, the price is a little higher than its competitors. However, we found that the longevity of the pizza peel, along with its ease of cleaning, make this item worth it.

How to Use

It’s easy to get the most out of your Ooni 12″ perforated pizza peel if you just follow these steps:

  1. Preheat your oven to 500°F and place a baking stone on top of a pizza stone or in the bottom of your oven.
  2. Place the ball of dough on a surface that has been dusted with flour, and use your fingers or a rolling pin to flatten it out until it is approximately the size of a dinner plate, with a diameter of about 10 inches.
  3. Sprinkle the peel with a light coating of cornmeal or semolina flour, then set the dough on top of the peel and press down gently so that the dough spreads out evenly across the entire surface.
  4. Place the peel in the preheated oven in such a way that, when the door is opened, the dough will slide directly onto a stone inside the oven (or directly into a pizza oven, if you are using one!). Position the peel so that the dough will slide onto the stone without any difficulty. Close the door as soon as you place your pizza on the peel to prevent air from becoming trapped between them, which causes heat loss and problems in the long run.
  5. Bake for 7–10 minutes, or until golden brown around the edges but not fully cooked through; this will give you plenty of time for toppings without overcooking them.

Pizza peel maintenance

An excellent addition to any pizza oven, the ooni 12″ perforated pizza peel. This pizza is constructed of anodized aluminum and is simple to clean as well as maintain. It is imperative that you clean your ooni 12″ perforated peel, after each and every use. This way you can keep it in pristine shape. You can accomplish this by:

  1. After each use, thoroughly clean it. Since the peel is intended to be used for cooking pizzas and other things, it is inevitable that it will become dirty over time. Make it a habit to give the peel a thorough cleaning after each use by wiping it down with some warm water. Some liquid soap, and a gentle cleanser. This will not only maintain the appearance of your product, but will also prevent odors from building up on its surface.
  2. Store it in a dry place. It is essential that you always keep your Ooni 12″ perforated pizza peel in a dry location when it is not in use. Dampness can cause the product to deteriorate with time, making it less durable than it was when purchased. If it is at all possible, place the peel in a plastic bag or wrap it in paper towels before storing it. This will provide additional protection against moisture damage caused by high humidity levels. These can occur inside your home or storage space. The humidity levels may be higher than normal due to changing weather conditions. Outside during the winter months (December through February), snowfall brings increased humidity levels.
  3. Additionally, you should never oil your peel. Any moisture, including all types of cooking oils, may cause oxidation.
  4. Steer clear of strong chemicals and abrasive cleaning products. These items can damage your 12” perforated ooni pizza peel.


It is highly recommended that you equip your kitchen with the 12” Ooni perforated pizza peel. It will let you cook your favorite pizzas with ease and efficiency. Lightweight and easy to use. After vigorous research, All for pizza recommends this product.

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